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Sponsor Night


This is our candidates public first event. Here they present a speech about their Sponsor, are given their banner and meet their Sponsor Liaison.

Fashion Show


A fun filled evening where each candidate gets to strut their stuff down the runway. This event is judged and goes towards the final scoring towards the next city ambassadors. Candidates are judges on their poise, presentation and overall personality and interaction with the judges and the audience. Our candidates wear outfits from all small and local shops right here in Kelowna!

Fashion Show Highlights

Fashion Show Highlights

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Spring Tea


Originally known as the Historical Tea, each candidate presented a small speech about a historical topic in Kelowna. Now the event has evolved into the Spring Presentation where a new topic is chosen each year and the candidates give a short, judged speech on the topic. A few from recent years are: Prominent Female Leaders in Kelowna, A weekend in the Okanagan, and International Customs and Culture.

Speech and Talent Night


An evening which highlights just how talented our candidates are! Each candidate presents a long speech on a topic of their choosing, along with showcasing one of their talents. We have seen everything from dance, speed painting, field hockey, judo, scrapbooking and more!



A can’t miss event! This is the final event in our candidates’ journey, where our program comes to an end and our new city ambassadors are chosen. Our candidates give a gown presentation and answer an impromptu speech question. Along with selecting our new city ambassadors, several awards are given out with scholarships attached.

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