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The Lady of the Lake program

Lady of the Lake is a free 6 month training program running from January to July which focuses on teaching young women of Kelowna life skills. The program entails weekly training days, volunteering and judged events. The training sessions are run by women in Kelowna who volunteer their time and act as mentors for the young girls. Some of the skills developed in training are public speaking, interview skills, self defense, etiquette and self confidence. The program also gives out bursaries to help with post secondary education.

At the end of the 6 months 2 or 3 girls can be given the titles of the ambassadors of Kelowna where they will represent the city in various ways for the following year.


  • The candidate must be no younger than 15 at the start of the program and no older than 18 at the end of the program.

  • The candidate must be a Canadian citizen and a resident of Kelowna.

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