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The Lady of the Lake candidacy program is six months of weekly training sessions from January to July. The training focuses on...

  • public speaking

  • car maintenance

  • building self-confidence

  • nutrition

  • financial management

  • self-defense

  • networking

  • area knowledge and Okanagan tourism

  • stress and time management

  • etiquette

  • and so much more!

During the six months, the candidates participate in countless volunteer events across the community, usually accompanied by Miss Kelowna and Kelowna's Princess. The candidates also have multiple judged events throughout their candidacy, which include the Spring Tea, the Fashion Show, the Speech and Talent Night, and the Pageant. 

What does it take to be Miss Kelowna?

The Lady of the Lake is a young woman who has a personal presence that leaves a favourable and lasting impression. She has the integrity to meet anyone in an honest and genuine manner, the self-assurance and judgment to converse intelligently, the finesse to meet dignitaries in any social setting, and the natural warmth and grace of a young lady. She also has intelligence, talent, good health and fitness, and excellent public speaking skills.  Combine these with the fact that she has an awareness of herself as an individual, and you have the young woman who is the ambassador of Kelowna.

After being crowned, Miss Kelowna has the opportunity to go to our sister city, Kasugai, Japan, and represent Kelowna!


Does this sound like the young woman you want to be, or that you wish you could be but don't have the confidence?  We can show you how. 



  1. ​Candidate must be a young woman who will be 15 by December 31st, 2019 and 18 no later than August 1st, 2020.

  2. Candidate must be a Canadian Citizen and a resident of the City of Kelowna.

As a Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake candidate, you will obtain skills that will help you succeed in many aspects of life. The growth you and others around you will see throughout the training process will astound you!

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