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Our Program

Our program focuses on three foundational pillars; mentorship, empowerment, and leadership. We believe in promoting the skill development of young women in our community and we strive to provide valuable opportunities for them. We also aim to shape the future ambassadors of Kelowna, and to provide bursaries for the young women crowned to further support their education and development.



Throughout the program, there are five judged events that allow our candidates to showcase their learning and development from the beginning to the end.

  • Sponsor Night

  • Fashion Show

  • Spring Tea

  • Speech and Talent Night

  • Pageant

The candidates and current ambassadors also attend and participate in numerous community events throughout the year.


Training Sessions

Throughout the program, there are weekly training sessions that focus on a variety of topics. Public speaking, etiquette, self-confidence, time management, area knowledge, and networking are some of the key elements we focus on during training.



There are a few requirements to become a part of our program.

  • The candidate must be no younger than 15 at the start of the program and no older than 18 at the end of the program.

  • The candidate must be a Canadian citizen and a resident of Kelowna.

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