President & Head Trainer

Charlene works for the University of British Columbia and assists the Dean of Science. She has been a part of the Society for 26 years, and enjoys making a difference in her community. She wants to mentor and inspire young ladies and help shape them into becoming leaders of our city and for the future. Fun fact about Charlene is that she's always researching, especially about travel! Learning about the world fascinates her.

Lady of the Lake



The Treasurer of our Society.



Judges Liaison

Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake 2015, Camryn has joined the society in hopes of continuing the legacy of the program. She has been the Judges Liaison for the past 2 years and is happy to be working with these amazing women. Camryn's passion is public health which is what she hopes to pursue after her post-graduate degree. In her free time, she loves fiddling Celtic music and eating at local restaurants. 



Director of Events, Sponsors and Social Relations

Kaitlyn is a dual degree graduate working as an Insurance Advisor at Hub International. Kaitlyn loves performing, hiking, travel and a really good cup of coffee. She has been involved with the program since 2014 and loves helping empower the next generation of women leaders.

Lady of the Lake


General Member

A General Member of our Society.



Vice President & Director of Ambassadors

The Vice President and Ambassador Liaison of our Society.

Zabrina Semchuk


Judges Liaison

Zabrina is an accountant and has worked for BDO, a public accounting firm in Kelowna, for almost two years. She's also currently working towards her CPA designation. Zabrina is the newest member of our Society and has been with us for the past 6 months! She was previously a judge for our program and loved it so much that she wanted to be more involved. She thinks it's amazing to see how much this program can transform young women. If Zabrina's not working, you can find her hiking with her dog or singing in a local choir group! 



Marketing Assistant

Rachel has been a part of the Lady of the Lake Society since 2018. She was even a part of the candidacy program in 2016! Rachel currently works for First West Credit Union as a HRSC Coordinator and enjoys photography, the beach, and wine tasting. She loves connecting with the candidates every year and being able to make a difference in her community.

Lady of the Lake


General Member

Karla was an obstetrical nurse and is now a domestic engineer, and enjoys badminton, horseback riding, and gardening. Karla has been a part of the society for 5 years, and loves that she has the opportunity to mentor and support young women as they learn skills that will help them later in life. Being a part of the society, Karla has has experienced the generous hospitality of the people in our sister city Kasugai, Japan.